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Friday, December 10, 2010

Tick Tock, Time is running out!

Hello, I'm getting excited about Christmas! My girls love opening presents, they are grown, yet I love to see their faces when they unwrap the boxes. Every year I have to  wait longer and longer to wrap them and put them under the tree because they go over and shake them, and try to guess what' in them. Krystal always want to take ALL her gifts and put them together in a pile...then Brandi likes to rearrange ALL the fits by size and box shape! She will do this 3 , 4 times!!! lol It just too cute.  Brandon has been so good at not messing with the tree, he just takes his little finger and touches the ball ornaments ever so gently, he is such a good kid!! My heart, next only to my girls.
But for the following project...I wont say much about since I do ALOT of talking in this video. I will say that this mini a lot like the black and red mini I posted a few days ago.  You can find this mini up for auction HERE or do a search for JAFDT...but I think I SAY all this in the video except I say "this is day 5, I neglected to say that Im 5 days behind! lol !!! okkk so here goes...enjoy... xoxoxo

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  1. NO WRAP THEM NOW! i wont rearrange them.... only like once.. i swear! lol as long as krystal dont move them all awkwardly after me. ^_^

  2. Dwayne Johnson (we will all know him as the "Rock") love him too. I had to comment first thing. Really like your minis. You are very talented and creative.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. loved this album although we dont have paper bags here so im wondering what else i could use maybe an envie IDK will have to play lol please dont remind me only 15 days left im no where near ready lol xx

  4. Seriously ... just go ahead and wrap them !! ill only check them.. i wont group them !! maybe just like .. one or two together ?? i dont think thats too bad !! soo.. feeeelll free to just go ahead and but them under the treeee !!!!!! :) :) :) Love You ! (lol lol)


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