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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The holidays are almost here!!!

So once again the Holidays are almost here and I am NOT ready! Every year I promise up one side and down the other that I will prepare and be ready and I never am!!!  I try, but nope...LIFE has different plans for me. 
Over at my Ebay design team JAFDT - we are getting ready to do 12 days of Christmas.  That on its own is gonna keep me busy...I think I should go buy and extra coffee pot and have them both running!! lol

Ok now for some inspiration...With the dreaded or anticipated (depending on which side of the fence your standing) holidays approaching I thought some simple gift ideas would be nice. You know theres all those teachers and bus drivers and the butcher! that you appreciate but dont necessarily want to spend a fortune on. Here are some cute note cards. They can be made blank, just with some flowers or simple stamps, or maybe personalize them. I know I always need a quick card for that sudden event! lol  you know...LIFE! lol

These are now up for auction on my ebay account click HERE  you can also do a search by typing in JAFDT.

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