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Friday, November 19, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter...

Is it..."like mother, like daughter, or like daughter like mother?" lol There is that piscen in me again, confusing huh? I think I had it right the first time, cause she is like me not vs, lol! kitty kat..better know as Krystal has her own blog now!!! Besides manning my "Coupon page" which I hope you ladies are taking advantage of, she is now hosting her own lil blog! lol She called it Krystals Night, since we tend to be creatures of the night!

Go visit her at ! Also if you ladies have different coupon requests let her know she will try her best to post them.

Now for some inspiration, continueing in the simple and quick to make projects here is another card. Its simple but it looks so beautiful i think. I colored it with glitter gel inks so it sparkles really pretty and I made a matching evelope. I stamped with the words "thinking of you" on the inside which makes this card ideal for ANY occassion. I hope I can inspire you to create some cards.
Leave me a comment or two, and let me see what your up to!!

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  1. Thank you SOOOO much for commenting my blog it means so much. And when I get a comment from a pro I can be happy for a month : )

  2. Turkey day went well hope yours did the same,11 people in all so much food. now thats behind us time to get busy on the tree. i love your blog and your how to's keep up the good work.will be in touch soon. Donna D


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