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Saturday, September 11, 2010

So many colors!

Hi all. I have not had a chance to scrap in the past few weeks.  Life seems to get in the way! lol  I have been spending lots of time with my grandbaby, Brandon, so its a good trade off I believe. 

I have been having problems desiding on a blog background! HELP!  For those of you who have been by, you have probably noticed the fast changing backgrounds. From deep purple to red and black and now pumpkins!  Is this background too busy? lol

Well Brandon is spending the night. So I have to go check on him, he is asleep but I always worry about him. I must check him all through the night. 
Hope you everyone has a great Weekend.  Stop by, leave me a comment let me know your still out there...

and like aways....Thanks for stopping by...capture memories one by one!


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  1. Hey Elsa =D I love this one too....I missed the red and black one!! But this is cute and a nice mix of halloween x fall


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