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Saturday, September 4, 2010

What a day! Friday Halloween Gift Holders

Hello! Ok so plans didnt go as planned today. I feel I got a lot done, but I didn't get to finish my doodle to post! ack! But I will get to her soon. Brandon spent the night again and the little guy didnt get to sleep until 1am! He loves it here, and he loves his Pawpaw. Krystal (my daughter/his mommy) has taught him to use sign language and its so cute to see him sign. But he is creating his own words! Which makes it hard, as you might imagine. He kept pointing with his little index finger to the top of his head. He kept doing this over and over and pulling on my hand trying to drag me to the back door! Finally Doug (my hubby) suggested we take him outside, maybe he wanted to go sit on the soon as me made it outside he heads towards the back shed where Doug keeps him motorcycle...the little tyke wanted to sit on it and put the helmet on...that is what the pointing to the head meant..."helmet!" lol I just love him, he is such a little person. He will turn 2 on Nov 7th, he is growing way toooooo fast!

Anyway...for inpiration today I wanted to share these money or gift card holders. I used the cylinder from paper towels. I cut it in half to get two. Then I decorated them with handmade flowers. The flowers I made using the paper streamers that are used to decorate for birthday parties. Two huge rolls of those are only a buck at the dollar store and they come in all sorts of colors! Here are some pictures...I am a horrid photographer so excuse the pics please. They look so awesome in person. My kids are too old to trick or treat so I always give them a little something for halloween. Last year I gave them handmade sourcreams containers filled with Candy. Those area really cool to make also and you get to use the corrigator. So this year they get these, with money, they can buy their own candy! lol
These flowers looks sooo pretty in person! They are stickled, and all glittery.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope I inspire you to create! :) lol and NO they are not getting my SAMS card, I just couldnt find anything else while I was doing my "fancy photo shoot!" lol
and as always... 

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