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Monday, September 27, 2010

My version of a Halloween Mini

Good afternoon all. Loving the weather!! Wish it would stay like this, but no! soon I will be complaining it's too cold! lol I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I did a lil shopping at Micheals and Joanns Saturday, finally broke down and bought some new cricut sticky mats! lol They are so nice and clean and sticky!! making my life easier, espcially since I had to cute all the pages for my Halloween mini. I took a different take, made it more cicular than squared paged like most.  I hope you enjoy it...I will have a kit coming out tomorrow fot this mini and maybe if you all want this will the project we can together on Ustream.
(yeap still working up the nerve for that one! lol Most all requested a Ustream on my last mini album so Im trying to get a date set up for that as well...Having internet issue in my craft room though, that is my biggest delay to date :( 
Ok well here is a video of my H. Mini hope you enjoy it!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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  1. Elsa you have just outdone yourself!!! That little mini is just tooo precious! Be sure to pat yourself on the back for that one! This will be the first year that I've ever made a Halloween mini as well. I'm waiting on my paper to get here so I can get started. Mine want be near as creative as yours is though...I feel sure of that! Have a great day and again congrats on another beautiful mini :)


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