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Friday, October 1, 2010


Hi all...well just as promised, here is the tutorial to the sneak peak I posted a few days ago. This tut will show you how to make a mini album page using 1 sheet of paper 12x12.  If you make 5 of these page, you can get 45 pictures and 45 tags!!! I sure hope you can use this tut and that it inspires you to create!  Im thinking on doing a complete book using this technique on Ustream. I havin some issueing getting internet in my studio so, so as soon as THOSE kinks are smoothed out, I will set a date. Please comment if you would be interested in working along side with me! ( The halloween mini will come to Ustream first though)
Enjoy the video...

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  1. Love it - and your video was fine. I would love to join you with a Ustream - then we can truly make one. Don't be nervous - these are great!

  2. You know you can count on me to be there
    I would love to make one with you, just make sure to give us a list of supplies

  3. Great job on the tutorial Elsa! I knew you could do it :) Count me in to work along side you making an entire album using this technic. Just post when you want to do it and I'll be there! When you do Ustream be sure to hit the record button to so you will have it archived for people to go back and look at it. And by no means don't be afraid. You are so creative and seem so'll do just fine! I'm rooting for you :)! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I love this and made one already!!! It is a wonderful design. I really look forward to seeing more!

  5. Just came across your tutorial and plan on trying it. It looks great and I think you did a wonderful job of explaining the technique.
    Thank you.

  6. thank you so much!!! I just made one!!!

  7. Can you let me know if you did a you stream class for this page and the book? I would love to make it. It is a really nice mini book.

  8. I loved this tutorial. thank you !


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