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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Valentine Cards Tutorial

Hi all! February is here...and soon Valentines.  I am starting early with my Valentines cards, this is an older video I wanted to share.  (Just in case you missed it :)  

Every Valentines, I get something special for each of my girls.  I was getting them a piece of jewelry until my youngest informed me she does NOT want jewelry! imagine that! lol She says she tries to wear it but just can't do it. It bothers her, so I will have to find something else for her this year. Now, Krystal...she is all about the bling and I have her gift in mind already. So I need to get my cards ready!

What do you usually do to celebrate Valentines?  When I was young girl, my mother never celebrated anything but Christmas, so as an adult and mother, I tend to over do ALL the holidays. It's how I have the most fun. Plus it's my birthday MONTH!!!  sooooo, I hope you all have fun celebrating this holiday of  Love!

Thanks so much for visiting and as always...

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