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Saturday, February 9, 2013

LOVE IS IN THE AIR and in our Dens!

Happy Valentines!!!
Thanks for visiting our February Hop! Just a Few Friends has been steadily working on creating and altering gift bags! We were challenged to create our project using the following colors...RED, PINK, BROWN, BLACK...we could use them all, only one or a combination of two, three...well you get the point.
This is a special Hop because a new Cub has joined the PRIDE!! This is her first hop and would love it if you all would show her some luv, approach her Den with TLC.
Now lets pounce onto my project,  these are my baggies
Oh oh…we all now have our own individual FAN PAGEs over on FaceBook.
Click HERE it will take you the PRIDES page where you will find everyone’s FAN PAGE address … come LIKE US!!!   

Elsa       ~~your here

Carrie is our new CUB!! 
Visit the Cub page and meet the PRIDE. Click HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by and as always...


  1. Gorgeous! Absolutely Gorgeous! It is a gift in itself! lol!

  2. Oh so lovely. Very festive and fun.

  3. OMG. Totally awesome.. You ladies are really out doing yourselves.. Gr8 work.. TFS

  4. These are just too cute, I love them! I couldn't get the video to play, but others have seen it, must be me. I will check later!
    Hugs and roars,

  5. Your baggies are adorable. And the birdie fits perfectly :-)
    I love them!!

  6. Awesome job dear den mother!! Love it!!

  7. oh my gosh i love your bags. they are so beautiful and cute. great job.

  8. What ADORABLE little creations Hermana mia!! I LOVE all the little details!! I know I have told you this a bizzillion times...but you INSPIRE me to create and to keep creating!!! I'm so honored to be a member of your "Pride"! All my love Girlie...Bon. :)

  9. Both of your bags are totally adorable. So creative!!!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  10. Elsa, these bags makes me want to eat chocolate. They are fantastic!!! Whats inside "bombones"? Chocolates? Yummy. very cute bags. You did it again!!!


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