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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

my BIRTHDAY today

Hi! so today I celebrated my 47th birthday.  I remember thinking, 30 was "old" once upon a time, oddly enough 47 is NOT old at all!!  I had a great day, even though I had to go into work!!    But I had a good day at work...Krystal bought me a coffee first thing in the am and contact lens drops lol See the thing is that for the first time in EVER I am "TRYING" to wear contact lens.  NOT fun, my eyes were dry all day and in some kind of pain or other. BUT over all I'm glad that I WILL eventually get used to them...moving on...later that day, my boss took me to eat.  SHRIMP our local "Shrimp Basket" restaurant.  Then I came home to BRANDI (my baby girl) --who came over to baked me brownies in a cup! The darnest thing. she has this set of oven/cook ware ... see the photos below.  too cool... you pour the mix into the cow cups, and stick in the oven...then presto...brownies in a cup!!!  IT was awesome! the perfect ending!


Thanks so much for stopping!! enjoy your day!!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday??? Your girls are so cool. I love it. I love brownies :-)

  2. Happy bithday, Elsa. I am a fun from Athens, Greece. I love whatever you make. Be happy, fun and creative.

  3. Elsa mijita...Que Dios te bendiga. Que puedas celebrar muchos años mas y luciendo así de bella. Que donde quieras que vayas, Dios te cuide y te proteja de todo peligro. Y que su gracia te llene, para que sigas adelante en todos tus planes. Celebra toda la semana porfavor. Un beso y un abrazo. Felicidades!!!!!


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