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Thursday, March 25, 2010

March is almost over!

Ok so it's been a while, my account got hacked into and it took me for ever to recoop it back. Since last I signed on I sold the card I posted on my first entry on Etsy! yay! The mini album posted this time was a challange the design team had for Easter. I made an egg album. I am fairly new to blogging so I sit here and stare at this screen trying to think of what to type that would be interesting. Maybe my posts can be like that Sinfeld show, about nothing..haha. His show was famous and it was literally about nothing. But no worries I WILL eventually come up with clever things to say.

So for now, before you take a peeps at my album, I will leave you with a trivia question...

**Which fruit was forbidden for Hawaiian women to eat by law? hmm? huh? Leave me a comment with your answer. I will give ya' the answer on my next post. Don't GOOGLE it, just guess.

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  1. Hello. I will answer your question. I think it's Hawaian baby woodrose, argyreia nervosa. Is not it?
    Good luck!


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