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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Silent contest update...and beautiful Lace/Trim for sale

Hi...This SILENT CONTEST has proved to be the most fun I've had on my blog! lol THANK YOU LADIES...please keep trying. You all are just dancing around the ONE word! 

Also, anyone interested in this lace please email me at
the Pink lace which could be cut smack down the middle to get two 1inch pieces is beautiful in person, its thick, good quality lace.  It would stick perfect on those altered cigar boxes, which is one my projects coming up in the near future thinking of a swap maybe? not sure...but I've moved away from the subject...what was I saying? LACE..Yes...lace the pink lace was originally $7bucks a yard and I got it on sale for $2.09 a yard and that is what you can have it for...just pay the shipping which Im gonna go with $1.50 shipping if its less than that I will reimburse you through paypal.  The other cream trim is also beautiful and really good quality! I was really impressed with this two trims! I got it for $1.79 a yard so I put the video on youtube, and usually items never make it to my blog before they sell out. If your interested email me and I'll hold some for you, I bought LOTS, just cause i couldnt get over how cheap it was and what good quality it is! lol  Anyway...I think I can ship up to 3 yards for the $1.50 if its more I'll let ya know...  Wanna see the trims? Watch the video...Thanks!
and come on guess the word so I can ship those ornaments to you already!!! lol

As always...


  1. Your trim you found is beautiful Elsa! You are so sweet to share! Hugs, Violet

  2. Good morning Elsa. Beautiful trims. For the contest, maybe your word is Christ. Have a nice day, Johanne L.

  3. Gorgeous lace Elsa! Will go check out the video even though I probably can't buy any right now :(

  4. Lovely pink lace!! My next choice of song lyric is infant!! TFS!

  5. Love the trim! I have two drawers full and need to start using it more-I guess I hoard more then I
    Oh yes I think the word is BRIGHT

  6. That is a pile of gorgeous loveliness!!

    OK, How about "hallelujah"?


  7. God that is my word.

    Susie Cortez

  8. Not sure for Silent or other post.


  9. Love the lace it is beautiful.Is the word you are looking for THY?



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