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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bad JuJu!!!

Hi!! Ive been MIA for a youngest has been in the hospital for the past 2 weeks! She will not be released till the 12th IF all goes as planned. She suffers from CF --CYSTIC awful, incurable lung disease :( Lung infections became severe this past weeks and landed her at the childrens' hospital. ANDDD Krystal got rearended tonight and is now in the ER in the same hospital!! Both my girls!!! Say a lil prayer for my girls tonight! sure would appreciate it! :/  I must have really made "someone" really bad for all this bad juju!!! :/
I will keep you all posted...Thanks so much for all the sweet comments and prayers so many of you have already posted!!!   I miss you all and with God's help we will all be back on track! My poor craft room is growing cobwebs! lol
Thanks so much for stopping by...


  1. Good morning Elsa. I am sorry for what you are going through. I know what it is like to have your kids sick. I have my oldest that has Crohn's disease and there is no cure. I just said a Prayer for your 2 girls and for you and your family. Please keep us updated on the progress.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear such sad news.Sending prayers for you and your family.

  3. So sorry to hear all the bad family will keep your family in our prayers :)

  4. Hi Elsa

    So very sorry for your girls, and you and your family. I will say lot of prayers for your lovely and talented family.
    May God bless you.
    Margaret (lagamorph)

  5. oh man!! thank you for letting us know what's up - I've missed your blogs! and I DO hope and pray your family heals well and you are soon all together at home. Take good care!

  6. Oh my GOD!!!!! Praying for all of you !!!'-(

  7. My prayers are with you and your family. Better days to come yet.

  8. Hi Elsa,
    it makes me so sad, that your daughters are in a hospital. I hope they will get well very soon. I read about CF at wikipedia, it is a very bad disease.
    I´m thinking of you all the time and my heart feels with you.
    Your friend

  9. So sorry to hear about all these horrible things going on in your life just now. I send all my best wishes for strength and much better health very soon.

  10. Hi, Elsa. Would you believe, I finally found how to leave comments on the blog, instead of emailing you all the time. I hope you recognize me. I don't know why it calls me Charley -- It's Christine.

    I'm just hoping that things are smoothing out at least a little. It's a good time to sit with Krystal and crochet. That's what I do when stress levels go over my head, anyway. There are photos of me crocheting not only beside my daughters' beds when they had their daughters, but also in my bed while I was delivering! I hope Krystal's back, neck and arms are okay for crochet. I know she loves it.

    Anyway, sweetie, you are in my thoughts every day, and I know you wish you could take the suffering for your girls, but all we can do is help them walk their own paths. They are blessed to have a loving mother.

    Love you, every day -- Christine

  11. Just stopping by my lovely to see how you are! and your lovely girls? and Brandon? Hope all of you are recovering and I look forward to seeing you again soon...Luv you muchly big Sis....Kimi xxooxx

  12. I have now opened my mail and I am come quickly to your blog. My God, do not know what I regret read Brandy disease, Elsa, put me a knot at the throat, in these cases I do not know which say only that you have great faith that God is next to your small and you. These days I was thinking of you, in that had been days since you published, but with this will have banned the PC by the doctor not I came to your blog, I'm sorry.
    Your little girl will be in my prayers and also your that now more than ever need much serenity.
    Kisses and hugs.

  13. Hope that everyone will be well quickly :o(

  14. Hi Elsa, Hope your girls are feeling better, my prayers are with you. I can't imagine you having any bad Juju, just bad things happening to good people. It would take more space then I have here to tell you how inspirational you have been to me . My husband has had 4 major strokes in the last year and a half requiring me to stay home with him, at my lowest point i decided to log on to the computer and somehow stumbled upon your website and you tube channel. I have never scarpbooked in my life but have always loved paper and did some simple crafts. Since watching you and your girls I have become so crafty and have found my passion for making mini albums , it has given me so much joy! I just want to thank you for your inspiration and pleasant way of teaching . My God bless you. Jackie Chiarella

  15. Elsa hope your girls are doing better, my prays are with you. Thank you Elsa, for all your inspiration esp for this very late bloomer(60)
    never did any real crafting until I found you on you tube-It has been such a help in dealing with my own stresses in life . Your followers miss you but we understand . Family is everything take care of your girls and grandson, but esp take care of your self. wish the best for you Jackie Chiarella

  16. Wow, when it rains it pours. I pray everything goes well for both of them. ♥

  17. Dear Elsa,
    i hope everything will be fine at last.
    I miss you.
    Kisses from Greece,

  18. Elsa, que triste lo que estas pasando, oraré por ti y tus hijas..ten fé que todo saldrá bien. un abrazo.

  19. Elsa everytime I go to you tube I look for your new videos.... I was thinking something was going on because I didn't see anything new... May the angels watch over you and your girls, I miss you r creativity but I know you are in the place where is most need it,my prayers with you and God bless. Hope to see yo all well soon.

  20. God bless Elsa, miss your videos and creativity, hope your girls recover soon. Prayers and hugs your way.

  21. I'm so sorry to hear about your Girls
    Your are all in my prayers
    Blessings to your aand your family

  22. Hi Elsa I hope things are going ok for you and your daughters..I check your youtube often to see if you have made any new videos..very understandable when the is more pressing things going on...
    Take Care

  23. Espero, Elsa, que tu niña ya esté en tu casa alegrándote la vida a ti y a tu marido, ten fe que vendra una curacion para ella, que a medida que se vaya haciendo mayor tendra mas resistencia y se le ira todo.
    Os tengo en mis oraciones y mi pensamiento.
    Besos y abrazos.

  24. Hi Elsa thinking of you and your family. Hope all is well. Love from the UK.



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