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Saturday, May 4, 2013


HI!!! So this working outside the home is not fun any more and I would like to quit please. lol I was reading my last post and its been a LONG LONG time since I've posted! This having no time really sucks.  I am so happy for the ladies (and gent) of the PRIDE they keep me going and have kept me creating since we have to post at least once a month!
Mothers day is just around the corner and we decided to create or alter a box...any box, any size, any shape box.   As always I procrastinated, pouncing around the Den, chatting it up with the cubs is always a lot more fun than being alone in my scrap room shredding paper and frolicking with glitter..sooo I just now completed my box a few hours ago.  Sure hope you like it.  I created my box from scratch and will soon have a video to show you how this cute lil box came together.  It was super easy and it turned out to be a really sturdy box!
Here are some pictures...This hop starts with me and continues with Alpha Lioness Kimi who showed us some sneak peaks of her box on Facebook yesterday...I can't wait to go see her box!!
We sure hope you will become super inspired to create and have fun in your scraproom!
here is my project...
 photo IMG_0012_zps5dea6de4.jpg

 photo IMG_0006_zps0fb82545.jpg

 photo IMG_0004_zpse9ce7418.jpg

 photo IMG_0003_zpsf59b2e18.jpg

 photo IMG_0002_zpsf8aaa129.jpg

I appreciate you stopping pounce on over to Kimi's Den and check out her box!
race you there! lol
Once again thanks for stopping by and as always...


Elsa *Head Alpha ~thats me 

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  1. Oh Elsa, how do you do it? I can't believe that you did this one last minute...It's gorgeous! I love the colors and the butterflies and everything. Way to go, Den Mommy!
    Hugs and Roars,

  2. WOW Elsa you have really outdone yourself this time. This box is absolutely gorgeous! I do hope that you get time in your incredibly busy schedule to make a video showing how you made this. It's gorgeous. I miss seeing your videos but know that with working outside the home you have little time for that now. Take care and I'm going to hop on along to the next one. Sending big hugs your way! Robin

  3. OMG, I love your box. I really like the combination of light and dark colors. Super cute. I must give that a try. Love the floral arrangement and the embellishments. Can't wait to see the tutorial video on making the box. Hugs and blessings, Sherain
    PS. I know how you feel about not having enough time. Whoever grants you permissiion to quit your job, please send them my way. LOL.

  4. What a gorgeous box. TFS


  5. Your altered box is gorgeous. I love all the flowers and the color theme is beautiful. Thank you for doing this hop.

    ~Sharon Rivas

  6. Your altered box is gorgeous. I love all the flowers and the color theme is beautiful. Thank you for doing this hop.

    ~Sharon Rivas

  7. So beautiful!!!! You always pull it together my dear den mother. Hope you have an awesome Mother's Day!!!!

  8. Elsa, what a stunning box. oh my gosh. you outdid your self. love it

  9. OMG that box is Gorgeous. I really love the colors. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to see the vid on how it came together. Hugs. Cyndie

  10. Super cute!! I love the colors. Yes, I want to see the video on making it. Do tell! Thanks for the challenge. I've been wanting to make one since Greg gave me 3 boxes and they were just sitting there. Two more to go. LOL
    love ya Amaiga, Roarrrrr!!!

  11. I love it! Love the colors and design but that drawer pull and cover are awesome!

  12. This is gorgeous Elsa! I can't wait for the video :) I understand about how working outside the house takes away your crafting time. I am right there with you Dear! I'm hoping we can both get more crafting time :)

  13. NOw it is your turn to WOW created your box from scratch!! I love it!! Just gorgeous!! How clever are you!! Looking forward to the vid!! Thanks for stopping by my blog I truly appreciate you xxXXxx ~Kimi~ ♥♥♥

  14. Gorgeous box for your Mom, Elsa. She will love and treasure this.You are so good at embellishing your projects...always a nice layout of your flowers and trims.

  15. Hi Elsa..Love the beautiful box you designed!! Love your designs..I learned alot from you!! Would love more youtube videos of your are an inspiration..Thanks!!!

  16. Hermana...WOWWWWWW!!! You designed this box from scratch?! I LOVE IT!!! I love the paper, the colors...all of it!! You never cease to AMAZE me and you are such an inspiration to me!! Beautifully done beautiful lady. I love you to pieces...Besitos...Bon.


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