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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Grandbaby Brandon

Nothing like your grandbaby getting his own Facebook page to make you realize how FAST time is passing by!  Lord! My 5 year old grandbaby is happily enjoying having his mommy video tape him and post to his page.  He checks it all day long and gets super excited when he sees his LIKE count increase...its so freaking cute.
He will be starting Kindergarten this year, and that is both exciting and sad.  Means he will be away from us and learning to be his own also means he is growing and just like his mommy, before I know it, he will be married and have his own family.
For now though I refuse to dwell on that, I am truly enjoying this lil boy. He is my life and it fills my world with happiness...seems like only yesterday he couldn't even say BISCUITS & CHEESE you all remember that video? if not CLICK HERE, and now he is doing his own Facebook page.
If you have a chance go visit him...and tell him his Nonnie sent you. Have I told you why he calls me Nonnie? well, because he couldn't call me Mommie since ...well...I'm not his he changed the M to N and said..."I'm gonna call you Nonnie, so close to Mommie" lol So Nonnie it has been...
Here is his link...go check him out... click the link below...

He has a new Puppy, to add to his excitement!  He called her "CHULA" means pretty/cute in Spanish.
He is such a ham no?

ohhh he is also and active gardner! He has been taking care of these Marigolds all by himself...and he is doing a great job! Look how pretty they are...

Thank you all so much for visiting, reading and for your support...


  1. He is just adorable and I enjoy his page a lot! Never ceases to bring a smile to my face! Don't you just love grandkids?

  2. Sister! I never thought I could love anyone as much as i love my own children, but OMG, this lil boy has stole my heart!! You visiting his page means so much, he just adore new comments!! THANKS!!! HUGS <3


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