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Monday, January 19, 2015

Valentines just around the corner...

Hello!! How is everyone doing?  I have been  busy actually making a few videos and working in my craft room. Trying to get organized, so maybe I can use what I have and stop buying more of the same!!!  I want to do a craft room space video and show you all my area...maybe soon.

I've been away from blogging for a while huh?  I tell you, life keeping me busy...but hey... February is's my favorite month! It's my birthday month lol AND it's the month of Love.  
This year Krystal is making Valentine beanies...she is calling it her Love Line.
here are a few images of the beanies she has created so far, I hear a ladybug beanie is on her hook right now...I'll show you it on my next post.  She has started taking orders so if your interested check her facebook page at:  and place your order.

She named her lil business Twisted Hook, mainly cause that child of mine is a little twisted lol I keep telling her... Kat! Hide your crazy honey! lol

But any way...look at this adorable puppy!!!!  "awww" right? lol
Pass the word around if you will...her crocheting is amazing and she so enjoys creating!

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