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Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby Coin Envelope Mini Album

HI everyone, I'm still up! lol It's 5:33am! I promise I will get to bed when I complete this...B U T I had to post this now if I was going to get these out in time for those that wanted them! lol  This kit is now for sale in my KITS page and I only have 6 of them.  They will ship priority mail in hopes they will get to their destination quickly. The first kit made using the Mariposa paper is almost sold out, I have 1 kit of those left...
Please remember if your outside the USA to contact me for shipping cost.
Thank you all who requested a baby are some pictures, you can view the video on the KITS page

Watch video for more details...I will probably post the video later today
as always THANKS for watching


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