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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do you guys YouTube?

Hello ladies!! For those that do not cruise the Youtube videos, I'd thought I'd share what Krystal and I have been up to. We are doing a Mini Series! lol yeap, a series of episode where we will work on mini album pages until we complete a mini album. It a really quick tutorial sorta video but mainly the kiddo and I talk and laugh and spend a good evening together being video taped.  Here is episode one of our Mini Series. Hope you enjoy...and thanks for watching!!! xoxoxo


  1. Hi Ladies,
    Love the way this mini looks. Would you have the measurments for this mini?
    Thank you very much!

  2. Nice idea! I'm watching you while you're sleeping (:o)I see you have fun and that's great and makes me a little jealous, because i like to play with you, too!! Hugs Elly (:o)

  3. @ Elly...Hi girly!! aww wish you lived closer! Thanks for watching...:)

    @Valentina...the pages end up measuring 4" wide by 6" long. thanks for watching!!!

  4. Hi Elsa, I just happened to watch your 'Mini One Page Binding' tutorial on utube. Loved the technique. But I am curious if the thickness would hold good for a normal ring binding. I have a hole puncher and binding rings... will the weight of the rings cause the paper to tear? Please help. Binding machines aren't available here for sure... and I have no fancy tools either.
    Thanks in advance,

  5. I have had so much fun perusing your blog.. and updating mine at the same time.. I gave you credit for some the of the changes I made to mine as it had been forever since I first designed it.

    I started watching your video 5 hours after I started perusing lol.. So I will have to make this tomorrow and then comment on the finished product.

    Just wanted to say thanks for such a wonderful and cute blog! Cant wait to follow you and your daughter.


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