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Saturday, October 1, 2011

YouTube Issues!

Hi! just wondering- is anyone else having problems with Youtube besides me????  It has stopped sending me notifications of comments made to my videos! and uploading has become a nightmare. Took me hours to upload videos which usually only take a few minutes! sooooooo frustrated. ack!

ok now that I've vented I feel better. I hope its Youtube and that they are fixing it and that it's not something I've done and now can't correct!


  1. I am having issues too Elsa, My last video took almost two hours to upload. WTH? Whatever...and by the way is not's them..and the different system updates and software versions we install periodically..remember what happened in ustream? Sort of. Cariños Yiyi

  2. I love your stuff, first found you on ebay and then came her to check out more.
    I have a quick question. How do you upload the pictures of your mini's at the bottom of the page on ebay?
    Thanks so much


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