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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Accordion Twilight Inspired tut...

Hi! everyone ready for Christmas?  Im NOT! I never am, no matter how much I claim I will be ready way before October every year, it never happens! lol  Next week I plan to start shopping and decorating, maybe lol if time permits.  For now here is a little tutorial on putting together my last mini..
Thanks to all who purchased this kit!!!! so very grateful...

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  1. Hey Elsa....I want to confess that I am not a Twilight fan whatsoever. But...this accordion idea is so fantastic....and creative as it can be. You are so amazing. On your previous accordion tutorial (I recall you did one long ago) that's when I did my first one..since then...I love doing it. What I love the most about this one, the closing. GREAT!!
    Thank you for sharing your original ideas and creativity with the scrapers.
    The world needs you!!! Cariños


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