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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dressform for Kellys give away entry...

Hi guys I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday...its lovley here to day.  I wanted to share some pic of a dressform I created to enter CreativeKelly4romCali's huge give away!  I made the form from scratch and had loads of fun dressing her up!!!  

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Just gorgeous Elsa!! You are so creative!!

  2. Thats a very nice dress form. Love the burgandy dress with the bling on it. It looks like a dress a movie star would wear.

  3. Very pretty. Pretty color for Christmas. You are so creative.
    Wish I had some what of that figure.
    Very elegant.
    Margaret Ann

  4. OMG!!! Elsa! Totally Hollywood glam here with this dressform! LOVE it so much!! :) You should win this! xoxo

  5. WOW!!!.... Elisita,
    I Love this! U R VERY Talented my friend.
    Sorry I keep missing you on Ustream,Im either to late and missed U completely or Im Days ahead of you, and looking at a BLANK Screen.
    Oh well I have you locked in my system to remind me of your next class on time, we are 18hrs ahead of you. Will see you then.
    Biesito xx:)

  6. Great idea on the triangle all your creations...wished you lived next door. I love crafting but don't have any friends or relative that have the same interest.Happy to be able to go to your blog (and Krystals) to see all the beautiful things you make. The silent night word I want to use is....Heavenly.



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