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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Look what Krystal is making!

Hi...I hope everyone is enjoying the week...half way to the weekend. Has everyone been super busy??  I know I have.
The PRIDE pitched in...Kimi, Suzie, Krystal and I and with it, I bought some awesome candy to give away on this months post!!! (on the 17th...its all about the green!)  I will have pictures of what I bought then...For those of you who follow me...THANKS and please be on the look out to learn how you can win! 

But for now...go check out Krystal's blog
she has been playing with yarn...she is new at it but she took to it like a fish to water! Im really impressed with her work and kind jealous *grin* I can't crochet! :(  Krystal can now look at something and "almost" figure out how its done! wow right? With time I bet you she will be able to do it! 

Here is a peek of her butterflies...go to her blog to see the rest!!

THANKS so much for stopping and as always...

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