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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Justa Few Friends THANKSGIVING decor Hop!

ROARRR everyone! How are you all??  I am excited the holidays are here!  Thanksgiving is always fun for us cause we get to eat all day, some tv...sleep some more then eat again! lol  ahhh special memories!   So  Kimi, the other Alpha, hosted this hop...she challenged us in the den, (we are now 11!!!) to create a Fall Themed / Thanksgiving home decor item.  It "almost'' stumped me! but after sitting in my den, wondering What  was gonna create or alter, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it.  A sad little basket that was almost thrown away 2 weeks ago!! I've had it for years and now it's going to sit, front and center. on the buffet table!! take a look at what I made...its really simple...really easy...and was really fun.

I've had this old basket for ever! and now  it's time to breath some life into it...Photobucket
This is what it looks like on the inside...

A little paint...

Speed up the drying process...

Get, lace, trim , beads and your hot glue gun...
I ended up removing the stand of pink beads and adding a different trim...

I thought this trim went better with the basket...
This trim came in a RAK from my sweet friend Ceci in Calif!!  Thanks girl!!!
Add flowers, here, there and everywhere and presto... a cute spoon, knife and fork caddy for your
Thanksgiving Feast!!!


The beautiful cross stitched basket was a gift from my sweet friend in Scotland!
 I have a video you can watch for more HERE. Also, please go to Kat's blog to see what she created!

oh oh oh...before I forget...Last months blog hop was also so much fun for all of us in the den.  The cubs were challenged to create a slider card.  For most it was the first time to create that type of card.  And they made me very proud...they made awesome Halloween Slider cards! We had to chose 1 as the winner of that challenge.  Needless to say it was not an easy thing to do!!!! lord!! But after several days of going back and forth, the 3 alphas all agreed on one lucky Cub! sooooo LOUD ROARS please....
the winner of our Challenge is...
our lovely cub  
SHERENCE!!!!  (proudmommy702)
We are so lucky to have her as a member of our group!!! 
I hated having to pick only one cause they all did such a wonderful job!!!!!
Thank you all for visiting our hops, commenting and being our friend!!

oh oh more thing...This is Jules first hop with the PRIDE!!!  She is our new baby cub!! We are all so happy to have onboard! Make sure you all show her sum luv!

Ok...go on to Kats blog...

Thank you all for stopping by!!!
and remember to always ROAR WITH PRIDE!


  1. Gorgeous basket Elsa. Love all the lace and trims. You surely turned an old basket into a beautiful and functional piece for your Thanksgiving table. You are going to have me pulling out my old baskets and find new purposes for them. lol

    Also, thanks for selecting me as the winner of the slider card Halloween/Fall hop. It was so much fun. So glad I didn't let the Alpha's down. That was my very first time creating a Halloween project. So, I am giving myself a pat on the back. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am roaring with pride. Rooooooaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Elsa - your "thanks" basket is lovely! After vieweing all of the cubs entries, my vote would have to be for Cub Yvette! I just loved the creativity in her banner and the two centerpieces of the pumpkin and candle holder. The pumpkin has so much detailing in all of the flowers, rope and the cute butterfly!! She really did her den proud with this project!!! Go Yvette!!! Rooooarrr!!! :)

  3. Love your basket Elsa! Thanks again to you and everyone in the Pride for such a wonderful warm welcome! xoxo always, Jules:)

  4. WOW!!This is just Gorgeous!Stunning and is Beautiful!!

  5. It's perfect! You got to have something to put those forks and spoons. I love that idea. And the basket has been saved. :-)
    PS Love the comment above (Big smile)

  6. Oh Elsa! This is beautiful and such a practical purpose for an old basket - I have about 20 of those :) I think I best start digging thru and see what I can come up with! Thanks for the inspiration hon! Can't wait to see what everybody else did!

    I almost missed this hop as we celebrate Thanksgiving twice - on the Sunday before Thanksgiving with my side of the family and on Thanksgiving day with my hubby's side. So tomorrow is my family dinner and I am up to my eyeballs in pies :) So glad I had to send an email to somebody and happened to spy this in my inbox!!

  7. Elsa...

    As always you turned what might of been trash into a treasure! Beautifully done Den Momma!! I love it!! Just like the canning jar for me, this basket now has a purpose!! Big Hugs...Bon

  8. What an awesome basket and even more so after you altered it! I love it when we can breathe new life into seemingly used-up items! Excellent Job!! Love ya!

  9. OK! I just have to post another comment after going through the blog hop completely! I feel like I have just gone through a jigsaw puzzle of sorts and with each and every blog I visited I gathered up ideas to completely decorate my home for Thanksgiving...and Christmas! I can really see each piece complimenting the next! I always get inspired by our blog hops but this time I was truly inspired to at least attempt to do these items for my decorations or for Christmas gifts! gOTTA GO GET CRAFTY!


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