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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Hi there! so, wanna make a box with me?  In this video I show you how I make a lil box with drawer from scratch. I hope you enjoy it!
Let me know what you think...

Thanks for watching...and as always..


  1. Thank you Elsa, so much easier than recreating the wheel. I will be using this to make some boxes for Christmas.
    angel hugs

  2. You have impeccable timing my dear :) I am working on a matchbox swap at the moment, which I have never done before, and though this is not exactlly a matchbox, the way you decorated it is amazing and just what I needed! And I will definitely be making some of these adorable little boxes. I can't wait to try it!

  3. I love this super cute box! Your video was very good! Instructions were clear and very easy to understand and follow :) thank you Elsa! Xo

  4. Excellent tutorial! So much easier and neater to construct a box with a drawer! Your box is beautiful!

  5. Elsa, que tengas un feliz dia de Acción de Gracias, desde acá en Tampa, te envío un abrazo y muuuchas bendiciones para tooodos ustedes. Gracias por tu linda amistad que atesoro. You are a valuable person and tomorrow I will give thanks to the Lord for having you in my contacts. Thanks for all these years of funny videos, scraps, minibooks and cards. Hugs


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