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Monday, October 14, 2013

Witchy Hat Card

HI...I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying what crafty time you have.  I had to come home early from work today cause I have frikken cold!  blah... stuffy nose, headache you name it...I'm feeling it. So what would be more fun than blogging?  NOTHING! So I thought I'd share this drawing I made.  It's part of a video where I show you how to make a template and then use it to make a card.  
Here's the video...

now you can just right click and save the image to your PC, then print it, cut it and use it! yay!

 photo CardTemplateforblog_zps5dd5c7fd.jpg
Thanks for stopping by...enjoy your card making...
show me what you make when you get done, 
would love to see your cards!
And as always....

 This drawing falls under my angel as long as you use it for fun you have my permission to color it, cut it, reprint it...give it away as a gift lol just please don't say you drew it or try to sell it in any kits. Thanks!!

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