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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Halloween 2nd Release STAMPS!!

HI...SO, it appears I .am on a card making mad spree! But with holidays coming up I have to get these ready with enough time to prevent CARD MAKING STRESS! lol  So today, the Sassy 6 and I have created projects to keep you inspired.  Please follow the links below to each of their blogs to check out what sassyness they have for you...
Here is my project...a card using Kat Bobot.  She is one of 4 lil girls stamps I am releasing this time around.  They are in different costumes...and this one is a lil cat ready for Trick or Treating.   I'll have to show you all pictures of Krystal when she was 5 in her cat costume...too cute.  But back to the  project... This is an extremely simple card, easy and fun to make.  What you think?
 photo IMG_0010_zps8ae2e443.jpg

I have a video you can

 photo IMG_0012_zps964778c1.jpg

 photo IMG_0011_zpsffb87b7c.jpg

 photo IMG_0009_zps2fd99805.jpg

SO...go visit the Sassy 6, see what they have in store for you...

Follow the links below to the Sassy 6 blogs and check out their creations...

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  1. Cute!!!!! I love Kat!! She is so cute. So where is Krystal's picture?
    Beautiful card my friend.
    We are sassy and we know it!!!!!

  2. Elsa, your stamps are so sweet. I love them all. I've visited all the girls blogs and they've done a beautiful job. I can't wait to be well enough to create with the stamps I've already gotten from you. When I do, I'll make sure you can see them and see what you think of my creations. Lol. Great job!! Hugs, Carole

    1. Hi Carole...I hope you get to feeling better soon, no fun being ill. I can't wait to see what you create!! I just love seeing what other do with my stamps!
      thanks for all your support!!

  3. Hello Elsa, love the Halloween stamps my favorite is Kat Bobot and pum Kim I will be placing an order today for them. Love your tutorials...and visited the sassy 6 blogs they are all very creative and kudos to sherence on her adorable card. Oh and you need to make more videos please... You and Krystal, I laugh every time it is very entertaining. Take care


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