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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just a Few Friends, THE PRIDE ...Challenges you!!

HIIIII!!! SOoooo excited with this months project! The Just a Few Friends decided this month we wanted to challenge you to join us once again! Come play with us! We are challenging you to create a LAYOUT using the following sketch...
(This is NOT my drawing, I found it online)

Ok so here is the deal...make a about it on your blog telling that your joining our Challenge and inviting others to join you...then come back to my blog and enter your awesome design by clicking the 
Mr. Linky down below.

I will let do the picking...
Here are some of the requirements...
1.Visit,  Follow and Comment sweet and kind words on each of the ladies 
 Dens (check what they created using this Sketch 
and get you some inspiration!)
2 Enter your design below and keep your fingers crossed tha
Random.Org picks your number! lol
That's it!! 
You have till May 27th  to enter

Ok here is my inspirational design...

Don't forget to watch the video, I have a mini tutorial on how I did the above layout!
Now head on over the Krystals blog to see what she has created...

Dont forget to come back and enter your link!

Thanks for stopping by and as always...


  1. Ohhhh, Elsa, another challenge...I am going to have to take this, I think. I have ideas already!

  2. Hi Elsa! I'd love to participate, but am a little confused. Does the theme HAVE to be Mother's Day?.. or ANY theme we want? Whatever the case, it sounds like fun!.. Hope you're enjoying your weekend! ((hugs)) ~tina

  3. O.K.. Just watched the video, and I understand, now, that Mother's Day IS the theme! (0; I'll see what time I can make here, and hopefully I'll be able to join in... ((hugs)) ~tina

  4. Hey Sissy, Sooooo sorry I was late getting mine up...fair dinkum life is just tooo darn hectic atm!! Love these papers and I love LOVE love your layout!! {{hugs}} talk to you soon

  5. Hola Elsa, vengo de youtube, me ha encantado el video y no habia venido antes a tu blog, ahora voy a relajarme y ver tus increibles trabajos, desde hace tiempo te sigo por youtube y siempre me quedo con la boca abierta de tu creatividad, hasta ahora no tenia traductor, soy pesima informatica, pero ahora es una gozada qEnhorabuena.
    Besitos. Soy de Tenerife-España.

  6. Me encanta como trabajas, te seguia por video, ahora lo hago tambien en el blog, gracias por acercarte a mi blog, como verás aun tengo mucho que aprender y por eso me encantan tus videos porque los explicas super bien. He leido que tienes un nietecito, yo tambien soy abuela primeriza, es una gozada ver como crecen, porque con los hijos no tuvimos tiempo, eramos muy jovenes ¿verdad?.

  7. For a minute a was in doubt if I should enter or not. When I saw your layout....okay...I'm In. Your layout was my inspiration. Beautiful.

    1. Hi Yiyi...I can't wait to see what you create!!!! 3 days left!
      love ya amiga!

  8. Can't believe I did not comment before on your lovely layout Elsa! I do love this! I am trying to make time to play before I run out of time - wish me luck :)

    1. girl...3 days left...come on jump right in!! love ya!!

  9. Como siempre espectacular...............

  10. Did anyone ever win this challenge??? Just got wondering.


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