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Monday, June 25, 2012

IAR Design Team project -- WATER CAN PIN CUCHION

Hello!! Its been so hot lately I'm hoping tropical storm Debbie will cool things down a little without causing to much damage anywhere! I'll keep you guys posted to that...The heat has kept me busy in my craft room, I sure prefer it in there vs being outside!!  So here is what I made for the I Am Roses Design team...

I've had this little sad tin water can for years now and its day finally came! I painted it, added some beautiful IAR flowers, some trim, lace, pearls and presto...not so sad anymore eh? I really liked how it turned out!!! I have been on a pin making kick and this will house the pins I wanna ...ummm...hoard? lol nahh lets use the word "collect' or the pins I want to "admire" better huh? lol  

Roses used R6 -1
rossettes R8 -15
mulberry  white leaves

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  1. Beautiful!Stunning!Gorgeous!!You are very talented Elsa!!!!You left me speechless...

  2. This is gorgeous Elsa! I need to make one of these for myself.. well probably more than one as I "collect" pins too :) Thanks for sharing this lovely creation!

  3. I love this idea...I think I may do something like this with a little white water pail I have...hummmm!!

  4. Oh Elsa!!!! My favorite thing....the watering can:))) Of course IAR are in there too! Love your little spot for your pins! Goergeous!!!!

  5. This is just darling Elsa! What a great idea to use a little watering can to alter into a pin cushion! TfS!!!

  6. OMG woman! This is totally gorgeous! Just like you! LOVE IT!!! xoxo, Linda

  7. This is so incredibly beautiful, Elsa!!!


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