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Thursday, June 14, 2012

SVG File for Fathers Day Card

Hello!! Here is the file for you to make the Fathers Day Mini/Tag/Album Card I made for my hubby! If you want to see that video go HERE to my Youtube Channel ...Below you will find the Youtube Video Tutorial I made. Hope you like it, its easy, quick and can be made for any and all occassion!

I will email you a link for instant .svg download when Paypal sends me notice of your $1.00 donation! yay!

Please make sure to send me your email address!
Thanks so much for your support....


  1. Hey Sissy...I really love this idea....will have to get the svg to make this....I have a few birthdays coming up this month and they are even more personal than a card!! Will show you how they turn out! Love you muchly Kimi xx

  2. Thank you, Elsa, this was a nice project. I love how simple it really was after I did a step by step with your video. It really looks great. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing.

  3. Elsa, this is a fabulous project. Thanks for the step by step video tutorial!

  4. Elsa, this is a fabulous card! Thanks for sharing your brilliant idea for Father's Day. My dad loved the one I made:

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  6. This is great. Going to use as a mini insert.


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