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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One more Cub Joins the Pride!!

Sooo excited to announce that my very talented friend ~Michelle, from  A Creative Operation has been adopted into my PRIDE of Just a Few Friends!!!  Michelle will participate in the upcoming July project! So stay tuned to see her awesome creations!!!!     Visit the Pride's blog click - HERE - to meet all the  members and read a lil'bit about them!
Thanks so much for visiting and keep scrappin'!
as always....hugs....kisses...and glitter!! (The glitter bit is new,but thought it sounded good, no?) hehe.


  1. Big welcome to ya Michelle!!! Wow, good to be here and watch the pride grow:)) Yes, Elsa..hugs, kisses and glitter are puuuuuuurfect:)

  2. Whohooooooo!!! the pride grows and grow...awesome!!! Welcome Michelle, up to your blog.


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