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Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthday MONTH!!

I forgot to mention to you ladies that TOMORROW is Krystals Birthday!!!! 

A little trivia...Mexican mothers day is ALWAYS on the 10th of May...el dies de Mayo...just like American moms is always the second sunday in May...well back in 1986 (*ummm* she dont want me to tell her age but ummm you do the math!! She is sooo gonna have something to say abou this! *grin*)  Anyway,  when she was born, in 1986, lol ... it was May 10th AND the second Sunday in May!! So she was my mother's day gift for both American mommy's day and Mexican mothers day!! How awesome was that??????  love my kittykat! She is so beautiful and the best daughter a mother could ask for!

Her blog is  Krystals Nightly Creations, if you have a chance go show her sum luv! 

Happy Birthday month my girl... "lady" loves you! 


  1. oh to be turning 25 not 30 lol hope she has a great day. wow that was a great mothers day gift for you though. Hows the moving day going? hugs vikkie

  2. blllaah... now everyone knows im old ! lol.... thank you lady i love you much !!!! thanks for the b-day shout out !

  3. That is the coolest Mother's Day present ever!! Happy Mother's Day again to you! Krystal...I graduated High School in 1985! You aren't old, I am!
    Hugs to you both,

  4. Aww. My first born, who was born May 12th, 1987, was due on Mother's Day, which was Sunday, May 10th that year. He was a little late and missed that date, but every now and then his birthday falls on Mother's Day, which is fun. But every year I appreciate the day he was born and the day I became a mother for the first time. His birthday will forever be Mother's Day to me. :)


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