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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Comment problems!

I have been having tons of problems posting comments on blogger! After I complete the comment and get ready to post, I do what I've always done, click on Google account...well this had gone to the wayyyyyyyyyy side! Now it takes me to a new window where I have to login to my Google account which happens to be my blogger account, after it does that, you think all is well...WRONG!
 It will take you back to the origianl comment you posted, where you keep clicking the POST
 button only to find the login window all over again...vicious cycle I tell you!!!
"What does it take to keep a Mex-Tex" busy?" Well mess with her comment post button thats what! lol 
 Here's what I had to do...After I wrote a comment I had to select " name/url" which is the last selection on the drop down menu.. Then a box comes up and you have to enter your name and url (url is your blog address or web address), then and ONLY then can I  post the  comment showing my identity, I could have tried anonymous, but I don't want to be Anonymous! After all that,  a message appears that reads, "comment visible after approval". This is the only way I have been able to leave peeps a comment...anyone else having issues? or is it just me!!! :( 
Kisses and Good thoughts and as always


  1. Hi Elsa, after reading your post I thought I would try to leave you a comment and see what happens lol . Ive not been having a problem on your blog to date but have encountered a problem on another blog and with the follow button which vanished off my page and others lol think blogger has gremlins atm lol hugs xx vikkie xx

  2. Elsa, I know what you mean! It has been doing it to me a lot lately! Join the club! I don't know what to do and writing this comment might be all for not! . . .

  3. I have been having the very same problem, Elsa. It must be Blogger. So frustrating. I hope the result it soon. I hope this comment post. Wish me luck

  4. It just might be one of those days, you know the ones where things just don't go right. Hope it continues to work for you.


  5. I haven't had constant problems, but I have had some! I have heard blogger has had some issues...I had a day where I couldn't sign out no matter what I did. I finally had to reset my browser and dump the cookies and stuff! Crazy!!


  6. I have had that problem too, and also encounter other for instance, I can't "follow"other blogs anymore. I keep clicking and clicking and clicking that follow botton, and Nothing, nada, cero, no reaction, or window or message. I did post four, not one, or two but four messages on the google help forums and guess what..No answers!!! Ay caramba, so frustrating.

  7. I had the same problem when trying to post a comment on Krystal's blog. I finally gave up. Then last week I believe I was able to comment. But I got very frustrated.

  8. Elsa I don't know if you're still having the problem commenting. I found an easier way. Write your comment as usual, and when it asks for your I.D. and that. But UN-Check the "stay signed in" box. I read this on Blogger site and it has worked for me.

    Hope this helps!

    Angie (MeriScrapper13)


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