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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thanks Proudmommy702!!!

Those that have been following me know  I love gifts! lol who doesnt huh? But I just love opening boxes, can't stand a sealed box and me not knowing whats inside! lol So you can imagine how excited and surprised I was when Proudmommy702's  ( that is her ID name on youtube  ) package arrived...I tore in to it as if it was Christmas!  She didn't have to send me anything, being all I had sent her were a few stickers, but she did and ,...well I was so excited!!  Here are a few pictures of the lovely items she sent me! My first official RAK! I haven't gotten any RAKS before, I had won prizes from blog hops and contests but not a RAK just for the fun of it...sooo THANK YOU GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From the bottom of my heart, ya know Ima' gonna put these charms to good use.

Love ya!!!

And as always Thanks for Visiting

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  1. Wow... amazing! Love to get things in the mail but this really is happiness!!! Congrats and wow proudmommy702 really out did herself!


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