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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hello, how many of you have tried to watch my recorded video on UStream only to find that it freezes and slows down your pc to a halt?!  I was able to hear the  audio just fine but the video was choppy and then finally froze!  I tried EVERYTHING but nothing worked, I knew it was Adobe Flash but I didnt know where to find the old version. My problems started around May, up until then UStream worked fine, so I knew it was a fikken update of sorts...well while doing my weekly blog visiting I found the FIX on Kathy Ortas page. She allowed to copy and paste the info one of her followers had sent her, since it was a step by step fix I thought you all would appreciate it!! This fixed ALL my problems!!!!  here ya this to FIX Ustream problems!

Ustream FIX

The issues that everyone is having with Ustream is due to the newest version of Adobe Flash Player. I was able to correct mine by removing the new version (10.3) and installing an older version 10.2.159. I have written up some steps that you can follow to fix yours. If it is something you think other PITAs can follow, please feel free to share. I love your site and your projects. The steps are.

Uninstall “Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX” and “Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin”

follow the instructions on the screen to download and run the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller. You have to run this, or you will get a message that a newer version of Flash exists when you try to install the older version.

Restart your computer

Scroll down to the Release and Content Debugger archives list, you want this one:

(Released 4/15/2011) Flash Player (66.3 MB)
Download that file, it will download as “”.

Extract it to a folder. On my pc I extracted it to c:\downloads.

Close all applications, especially IE and Firefox, then execute the following files from the extraction folder.

C:\Downloads\fp_10.2.159.1_archive\fp_10.2.159.1_archive\10_2r159_1\flashplayer10_2r159_1_winax.exe – for Internet Explorer

C:\Downloads\fp_10.2.159.1_archive\fp_10.2.159.1_archive\10_2r159_1\flashplayer10_2r159_1_win.exe --- For Firefox

Ustream recorded should work now.

Always choose “No” when you get an update notification for Flash.

Rachelle Baker
(is he name of the lady who sent this fab info to Kathy!! thanks girl!)

I hope this works for all of you it worked for me!!!!!!!!!


  1. I was trying to view one of Kathy Ortega's ustreams and she gave this instruction from Rachelle. I tried it and it worked for me also.

  2. YAY! Finally! I was so frustrated with this! I missed your last two ustreams...the July 15th because my daughter was getting married that day and the July 23rd Sandy and I had a Church program to go to. Looking forward to your next one though. Now I get to watch the recorded shows! Thanks so much for sharing this info! Love you and miss you girls!


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