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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dominos, Do ME nos?

I like the word Dominos, my dad used to play dominos all the time. I remember him having a table in the patio and his buds coming over to play with him. I just always like the shape and feel of the little suckers...but now, dominos have taken an entire new avenue. I entered a swap over at Mini Album Scraps (MAS) and it was all about the Domino.  We had to alter them, in any shape or form we wished...and these is what I came up wtih...

So I made them so they could hang. The theme was butterflies or drangonflies and ofcourse  I went with the butterfly...
What you all think of these?
Thank you all for watching!! hugs and love


  1. Love your dominoes. I just joined the site and plan on joining a swap soon. It will be fun to create, share and receive other items from people all around.
    My dad and now us 6 children play dominoes often, especially during the holidays.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love them too. we had colored dominos that we played a game called chickenfoot. Your domino came out real nice as usual. keep on inspiring:)

  3. Oh Elsa, it's just a stunning piece of art now. I love how you altered the domino. Really an eyecatcher. Hugs xoxo
    Elly (:o)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. WOW Elsa these dominos are so super beautiful. On your last picture, it looks like a little purse, super cute.

  5. Those are beautiful, Elsa. Loving all the pink you used. ~Elizabeth

  6. I haven't played with these "little suckers" yet, because I don't have any around the house to work with!.. Gotta pick some up sometime. Love how yours came out! Really pretty! ~tina

  7. BELLO TRABAJO Elsa!!!!....como siempre. Hugs1


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