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Friday, September 2, 2011

She said I DO in a Black Veil!

HI! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Its after 8pm Friday and we are chilling watching "Hercules" since now a days that is all I watch, Disney movies, I ONLY  thought I was done with Disney! lol Im keeping Brandon tonight mainly cause he refused to go home! lol Love my baby boy. I was reminded that I said I would post pictures of Krystal in her black veil! lol Well! She finally ok'd for me to post a couple.  Krystal is my rebel kid, who is so much her own person sometimes I want to hold her head underwater!! lol Love my red head kid, so why would her wedding day be any different???  So she had me make a veil for her very special day...BLACK non other!  and here are a couple of snapshots we took....

Ok...well...thanks for watching, reading. following and supporting us!! We sure do appreciate it!!


  1. If anybody could pull it off it is Krystal. Looking good Mrs. Krystal. I like your dress too. Ü Cynthia V

  2. She definitely pulled it off in the wedding dress photo. Beautiful dress!

    Those eyes in the car shot shows the spunk she obviously has!!

  3. vavavoom! love it! I wish I had your guts, when I was your age. Now that I am 40 something, I finally really dont care what other people think!

  4. Thank you guys for such kind comments !! All of you have made me feel so good ! :) Sometimes you just have to do what feels right, and not worry what others will think about it :) and the black veil felt right ! lol ...
    Nothing but Love guys

  5. Good for her, she looks beautiful and why not. It's her day!! Love that dress.


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