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Monday, September 19, 2011

Ustream Halloween Magic card video...

Hi, for those of you who didnt catch the UStream class, I thought I'd share it wtih you guys...
Enjoy and happy card making!!


  1. Wow, Your card is super amazing and fun. I only watched the whole entire video but plan on watching again and this time make the card. Love your directions. Super easy to follow.
    Thanks for sharing and can't wait until you do another one but this time the star cad.

  2. I am sorry I missed the class, but I loved the video. Those are awesome cards!

  3. Hi Elsa, This card is so cute!! Thank you for sharing it with us!! Thank you for also posting the Ustream class on your blog. On Ustream, the video doesn't flow as well for some reason. I can't wait for the Halloween Mini Album Videos!! I love Halloween too!!
    Suzan Laverty

  4. This card is great and this is my first time to find your blog I love it did you design it yourself....I am going to make some of these cards tommorrow...


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