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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Comment problems!

I have been having tons of problems posting comments on blogger! After I complete the comment and get ready to post, I do what I've always done, click on Google account...well this had gone to the wayyyyyyyyyy side! Now it takes me to a new window where I have to login to my Google account which happens to be my blogger account, after it does that, you think all is well...WRONG!
 It will take you back to the origianl comment you posted, where you keep clicking the POST
 button only to find the login window all over again...vicious cycle I tell you!!!
"What does it take to keep a Mex-Tex" busy?" Well mess with her comment post button thats what! lol 
 Here's what I had to do...After I wrote a comment I had to select " name/url" which is the last selection on the drop down menu.. Then a box comes up and you have to enter your name and url (url is your blog address or web address), then and ONLY then can I  post the  comment showing my identity, I could have tried anonymous, but I don't want to be Anonymous! After all that,  a message appears that reads, "comment visible after approval". This is the only way I have been able to leave peeps a comment...anyone else having issues? or is it just me!!! :( 
Kisses and Good thoughts and as always

Sunday, May 29, 2011

OMG...SO sorry I totally forgot!!!

I am so sorry, I TOTALLY forgot to announce the winner for the Birthday Bash blog hop!!! Lord! Someone should have reminded me! lol...ok so I took all the names and the winner was

Lillian Child 
who said...
       "Alwlays such a delight to stop by your blog and see your new creations.
This layout is just STUNNING! Great job!!"

Lillian if you will please contact me by Wednesday of next week, I will ship the 3 pieced bears your way!
Thanks to all the participated and if it didn't take me for ever to make them I would make a set for every one! lol Sorry.
Please email me at

Take care you all and as always

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Vacation Wood Frame Class scheduled.

Hi all, everyone ready to celebrate and honor our fallen troops this memorial day?  I think we are having a quiet day Monday. It's our son's 30th birthday and we will be having lunch with him and his family then I'll be home hopefully finishing up on my next paper fold.  Speaking of paper folds, Krystal has a new folded page mini up over on her blog.  Those pages are really neat, she is doing like I do, by using one 12x12 page folded in such a way it creates 2 mini album pages with pockets and places for pictures...ONE of her pages hod up to 10 pictures plus no waste!!! She will have a kit available plus will be scheduling a UStream class!!! Go check her out click HERE  and ummm speaking of USTREAM! LOL I have scheduled my class for the
Vacation Altered Wood are the details...

Vacation Altered Wood Frame
Sunday, June 5th
6:00 PM  PM Central  << This is my time
7:00 PM  PM Eastern Time
5:00 PM  PM Mountain Time
4:00 PM  PM  Western Time

If you visit my Kits for Sales page you can get a list of what you will be need to create this project. For those who purchased the kit, all you willneed is a glue gun, some stickles if you want shiny, and that's pretty much it.
I will do another reminder as the date gets closer...
Now, Im off to the beach! Chat with you guys later,
ok then...Muah! Kisses  and as always

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Frame Kits!

Hello...all but one kit have sold! wow, thanks soooo very much, I will ship them all tomorrow Wed. It should take about 3-4 days to get to you ladies??? They are coming priority I hope. I will schedule the class tonight and post all the details by the end of the week...For those that will attend the class and didnt get a kit, go the kits page and  see what you will need if you wanna work along with me :)  Can't wait to chat with you all!!!   Once again thanks for all your support!
Besitos! and as always...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How I draw my baby bears...

Hi ladies, for those of you who do not watch YouTube videos, 
and those who ask "How did you do that?"  here is my latest video...
On "How I did that!" lol

Wow, a lil breather before it all starts again!

Hi...what a fun few days! I sure enjoyed these blog hops! Kept me busy thats for sure! One thing I didnt care for was picking out a winner for the free cut files I offered! I tried to pick just one for each day but I just couldnt do it! Everyone that hopped along was just so awesome and left such nice comments!!! There were approx 40 of you who participated. I want to thank you so much for hopping through all the blogs! I know it takes a while to get through all the blogs, especially when you have to follow here and follow there, add this and that, so again...thanks so much for doing it all!
So for you that just joined my group of followers and for those followers who took the time to hop, I have decided to let all of you have the files... I will email you the links!!! I read all the comments and took all the email address but I could have missed one, or  If you left a comment between May 18 and the 22nd and you don't get an email from me, please contact me! So ok, Im on my way to email  you those files!
These .svg files can be cut with any software that supports .svg's.  I use SCAL2 on my cricut.
THANKS so much for your support!!!  I will  though, have to pick one winner for the teddy bears, I will announce that person Friday.
and as always...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome to the Birthday Bash Blog Hop

Today is our Hosts and her daughtes Birthday! Lisa - She was the first blog on this hop, hope you wished them a happy Bday!  This is my second hop ever and wouldnt you know I did them back to back! lol I had loads of fun with the first one so thought "why not? Lets just keep on at it!" lol
If you arrived to my blog from Donna's blog, well then your on the right path, but if you just lucked up on my blog, you can go back to the beginning HERE and hop along with us.
We have a fabulous line up with some very talented ladies. There will be lots of fun projects, along with some great blog candy, and an AMAZING grand prize for this hop.
This hop runs all day  today and today only... May 23rd so Good luck in winning all the BLOG CANDY you could possibly WIN!!

This is my favorite month, so the birthday hop was perfect because like Lisa I celebrate 3 birthdays this month, my hubby's on the 3rd, Krystals on the 10th and my step-sons on the 29th, not to mention that in 2 days, on the 25th...I will be celebrating my 23rd wedding anniversary!!! soooooooooooo yeah! Busy month! Here is my project sure hope you enjoy it... and if you want here.

I am a horrible photographer! It is so lovely and pink in person :)~

 This 12x12 layout will be for sale on my kits Here if your interested! Thanks!!!

I am offering 3 pieced bears as my Blog Candy. All you have to do is
*Become a follower  *Comment to this post &  *send me your first born child! lol j/k

Next,  hop on over to Shannon's blog and she what neat stuff she created!
and As Always....kisses and

Here is the line up

Lisa -
Lisa -
Shawnee -
Shelly -
Creativek Kuts -
Deb -
Corrine -
Tristan -
Mickie -
Rachelle –
Sheri -
Melanie -
Christine -
Bobbi –
Debbie -
Leila -
Emily -
Jennifer -
April -
Jennifer -
Ashley -
Donna -
Elsa / >Your Here
Shannon -
Ashley -
Monica -
Lisa -

 **There will be an overall grand prize, sponsored by Lisa at "Scrapping with Lisa" , she is the first and last blog on this hop . The following are mandatory in order to be eligible for the grand prize... *you must leave a comment on every blog in the hop, and *become a fan of my blog and of Scrapping with Lisa on Facebook. It will not count against you for the grand prize, if you do not have a facebook account, just let me know in your comment.   THANKS!!!**

Sunday, May 22, 2011

So its the final day of the Hop...whose sad?

Whewww, soooooooo THIS is how you get me to post daily!!! What a marathon this has been! I've loved every moment of it...have you?  Its Sunday and Im ohhhh being so lazy...still in my pjs! Love days like these! lol  So for my final  project, I made 2 tini minis. One was created using coin folders and tons of flowers. This too was done using brown and blues colors cause they make me think of sand, water and  I incorporated yellow cause of course the HUGE HOT sun we have here in Florida. I have also been collecting shells and never did much with them but put them in jars, but thanks to this theme I was able to add them as embellishements to my projects! wayyy cool huh? The second mini I made out of costers I had, I just turned the cover into a beach ball! They both are tiny, but were fun to make.
Well its been fun sooo with this project we end the Blog Hop, make sure you sign up over at Emily's blog for she is having a mega candy give away for the last day!! Good luck!
here are my projects...enjoy oh oh oh...todays winner will recieve both my cut files plus an extra cut file I worked on last night!!! Its a surprise, Im sure you'll love it...hint, its something I love! and no I'm not giving you a cut file of the ROCK! lol I'm keepin those for me! ahahahha.. ok not crazy... really at least not always!'ll like the cut files...(I hope!)  So follow and comment cause the winner well be chosen from the comments list! Winners announced on the 23rd! Good luck!

 Lots and lots of tags in this tini thing...

Here is the Line up...and  next please go and check out what Martha has to show you guys, she might have some goodies to offer!! Good luck!
Lisa: <~ You are Here

Saturday, May 21, 2011

4th day and YOU still HOPPING???

hIIII MY ladies...I hope your enjoying your Sat! Its been quiet today, Im being lazy and enjoying the morning! Yes I said morning, Im actually up early today! lol I think I'll go visit a few yard sales? coffee is brewing...mmmm smells so good..(saying that makes me think of saying...CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!)  lol can u say obsessed!  if you hopped here from Lisa's blog, that means your a great hopper and should tryout to be a bunny in Disneys next film! lol but until that happens take a looksie at my 4th project, comment and follow and you might win one of my .svg files!! for picutres of them go to post 1 and 2 lol  Todays winner will be surprised with a set of cutfiles, I'll chose the set! yay!  ok here is my project...I think mornings make me chatty! lord help us!
ok project...focus elsa focus!...
The pages for this mini are awesome Not so much how I embellished them or nathing, not giving my self kuddos there, but the way the pages themselves are made! Your gonna love this fold! NO WASTE!!!  
This will also be a UStream class coming soon to a channel near you! and of course a Kit, with different paper from these of course. I chose brown for this project cause they make me think of sand and of course the blues for the water and the yellows for the sun!
Hope your enjoying the hop!! I am!!

Thank you ladies so much for everything...kisses and as always

Here is the Line up...and next please go and check out what Martha has to show you guys, she might have some goodies to offer!! Good luck!
Lisa: <-You are Here

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 3 of Blog Hop! I'd Rather Be at the Beach

HI all...2 more day after today! Are you all having fun? I am I always enjoy looking at what others create, get my mojo going! Ladies you should see my craft room...OMG! Looks like a tornado hit it! But soon it will be awesome, or so I hope!
Ok so if you got here after visiting Lisa's blog your on the right track! If not check the Line up List at the bottom of this post. is my third beachy themed project...
Its a simple easel card...I found the wave sticker at "FREDS" a discount store that closed its door 5 years ago! lol and I finally found a use for it! lol You would have thought, well at I thought since I love the beach so much that creating Beachy themed projects was gonna be so easy! WRONG...I had a hell of a time finding items to do, the other ladies were soooo awesome with what they made! I hope you enjoy my few projects so far though...and todays winner will recieve both of the .svg files, the leaves and the signs!!! So come on ladies follow and comment, Winners will be posted on the 23rd! Good luck! to see the scut files check the last 2 posts...THANKS!

notice the clouds?  lol cool huh?
and as always...
Here is the Line up...and please go and check out what Martha has to show you guys, she might have some goodies to offer!! Good luck! 
Elsa: <~ You are Here

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hi...Day 2 of Hop...I'd Rather be at the Beach!

Hello...sooo enjoying what everyone's made?   I finally took time yesterday and took a looksie and I really enjoyed my self.  So if your hopping and you arrived here from Lisa's blog your on the right track!

Here is project 2 from me. Its a baby's First Time or just plain Baby's Day at the Beach Photo mat, ready to be used on your scrapbook layout.  Too cute huh? Well at least I think it is.  I have another set of free .svg cut files for one lucky lady!!! To get a chance to win, please comment and follow my blog,
Winners will be announced May 23rd !
I go the beach every summer and every summer I collect bags of shells! Never really did much with them until now! Don't they look cute on this mat??? I put some stickles on them :)

Thanks so much and as always...
ohhhh almost is view of the .svg files one lucky lady will be recieving...Wonn't these make great mini book pages???? mm hmm.

Here is the Line up...and please go and check out what Martha has to show you guys, she might have some goodies to offer!! Good luck!
Elsa: / <~~ You are Here

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1st Day of "I'd Rather Be at the Beach" BLOG HOP!

HI!!! Today starts the blog hop, "I'd Rather Be At The Beach"...we, me and a bunch of other very talented ladies will be posting Beach Themed projects for the next 5 days from the today thru the 22nd! 

If you landed on my blog from Lisa's blog you’re on the right track.  But if you just happened to land here and wanna start from the beginning go HERE and hop along with us.  If you love the beach as much as I do, then you won't want to miss this one! There is also gonna be some blog candy from all the blogs! Please check back daily for your chance to win!  Find the line up at the bottom of this post! Here is my Beachy project!!

(I will  be having a UStream Class for this frame, plus there is a Kit over on my KitsPage...Very limited.

 Hope you like...To win the my Candy, please comment and follow me... I will draw one name daily for a total of 5 winnings!  You will get a set of .svg files I created, that you can cut using your cutting machine and your SureCutsALot or any software that can read .svg files. THANKS!!!! 
Here are todays cut files....

Thanks so much for stopping by! Make sure you hop along and go see what Martha has in store for today!

Here is the lineup...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ustream Class tomorrow!

Hello all...well the time is here. Kats first UStream and Im so excited mainly because I get to chat with all of you instead of working! yay! I hope you can attend...the hours as as followed...

4pm  Western time
5pm  Mountain time
6pm Central time  <~~~~~ thats our time
7pm  Eastern time

here is a link to her Ustream channel....
and here is the reminder video  I did for her, for those of you who don't surf Youtube...

THANK you all ....and as always

Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthday MONTH!!

I forgot to mention to you ladies that TOMORROW is Krystals Birthday!!!! 

A little trivia...Mexican mothers day is ALWAYS on the 10th of May...el dies de Mayo...just like American moms is always the second sunday in May...well back in 1986 (*ummm* she dont want me to tell her age but ummm you do the math!! She is sooo gonna have something to say abou this! *grin*)  Anyway,  when she was born, in 1986, lol ... it was May 10th AND the second Sunday in May!! So she was my mother's day gift for both American mommy's day and Mexican mothers day!! How awesome was that??????  love my kittykat! She is so beautiful and the best daughter a mother could ask for!

Her blog is  Krystals Nightly Creations, if you have a chance go show her sum luv! 

Happy Birthday month my girl... "lady" loves you!