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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday ...My 12 Month Bears...its a boy!

Hi all! I hope everyone had a non stressful Friday, I am just glad the weekend is here. All my laundry is done, my house is nice and clean and that means I get to scrap all weekend!! yay!!
Today I wanted to share this "Baby's Frist  12 Months" album. ( I had intentions  to introduce my drawing, but I'm a bit nervous! So I think I'm putting it aside for a bit. lol )  The baby album I made for a friend, she is giving it to her new born grandson.  Please excuse the pictures, I completed it only a few hours before she was due to pick it up and I didn't have time to take pictures. I actually video taped it and snapped the pictures from the video. ( I don't dare share the video though, I was so sleepy that I sound like zombie! lol) ok are my pics, hope you enjoy them and that they inspire you to make bears!!!


God Bless!


  1. Oh this is so sweet Elsa! What a great idea and such a great way to cherish those photos.

    You must show us your drawing too! :)

  2. Soooo cute you did a wonderfull job thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Elsa, stop teasing me with those bears. You know I ABSOULTELY ADORE THEM. WONDERFUL WORK.


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