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Friday, August 6, 2010

TGIF!! Accordion tutorial, per request.

Hello...what a week. I have been busy scrapping my lil heart out! I have also pulled my "doodles" out of the closet and will introduce them to you all soon. I have always loved to draw, but never really thought I could use them in my creations until now. Most of the cards I see are all using adorable girly images, and that is just what I have in my drawing tablet!!!  I have six little girls that I will introduce one by one...the first will come to you in the cover of an album, if God permits, no later than Monday!! I'm really excited!!! I hope you like her.
Anywayyyyy, today I have a tutorial on an accordion mini I made and sold on ebay a few weeks ago. I have had several request for this one. (Request for the flowers are also coming in, so have patience with me, I will get to video taping a tutorial for those also. :)  This tutorial was taped after 3am, I had had NO sleep and well, you can tell lol, I make tons of mistakes, so I hope I don't confuse you all tooo bad!

You all take care an enjoy your Friday AND my tutorial...((((huggssss)))

Thanks so much for your support!


  1. Hi Elsa,

    I will try this accodeon-book soon. It´s so surprising, I love it!!

    ...and I can use all my little paperpieces

  2. I love this video - you are too funny! I'll be trying one of these, thanks for the info. :)


  3. Love your YouTube videos, so i thought i would check out your blog. I wanted to say thanks for sharing your ideas.

  4. Love your creativity! Just found your blog and I'm really enjoying all your ideas. Your work is so amazing.
    Sandi Smith


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