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Thursday, August 12, 2010

So, how long has it been? Complete Accordion video!

Hi there...well I think I have been MIA for awhile huh? or have I? lol I have been busy busy busy, so much that the days, weeks have started to run together.  But I have made time to spend with my grandson, Brandon. He is sound asleep in the spare bedroom right now, yeap, I kept him over night and its such a blessing for me. I adore that little fellow.
Ok well enough of me...Last week I posted a tutorial on an accordion booklet, card/ mini, not sure what to call it! lol and now I have a complete booklet I made using that technique. (I guess Ima'gonna call it a booklet!) Hope this inspires you to make some of these, they are fun, easy and you get to use the scrap pieces of paper you have laying around all over your studio!
Hope you all have a great Thursday!!! and as always...


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