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Friday, June 24, 2011

Me a farmer??

HI ladies, well this has been a hot summer!!! and today I picked some of my home grown produce! Look at these delicious colors.  These jalapenos will make the most tasty "Pico de Gallo" = Salsa. Next year I'm going to try to grow some garlic yum. I still have some corn to pick and some egg plants. I've never even tasted egg plant but thought I would give them a shot. I can not take all the credit for this, Brandi planted this back in March, all I'm doing it picking it! lol but that is gardening for me!!! lol  here are some pictures of what was picked today...

Next year I am having a whole field of nothing but pumpking, I LOVE them!!!  I hope your enjoying you summer, I know I am...
Besitos and as always....


  1. HELP!!!! Sissy I really need your help with ustream.....I am having such trouble with it!!! I can never seem to get it to work for me anymore.....can you email me!!!! Hugs Kimi xx

  2. This is so cool! Enjoy the fruits of your harvests!


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