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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reminder!! USTREAM Class today Sat 11th at 6pm!

OK....SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we will TRY this one more time... Wood Frame on Ustream. I am hoping all the issues are resolved!!!!

For todays class you will need the following...

  • AWood Frame we are using a 4x6
  • Marth Stewart's Ink Pad
  • Metal Chain about 6"
  • "Vacation" sticker is what we are using but you can use Any sticker you want or don't even use one! lol
  • A strip of Bling
  • Die cut butterflies < I am using the Martha Stewart punch butterfly
  • 3 to 5 Rossettes and about 10 assorted sized flowers, the biggest flower in my kit was about half inch I think.
  • Die cut swirlis to add to the flower arrangement < also optional
  • and Sea Shells

***** YOU WILL NEED A HEAT Gun to dry the ink on the frame quickly!! *****
Now if you purchased my kit all you will need is a Glue gun, stickles and that is pretty much it.

Hope to see you today June 11th at 6pm Central Time...or
7pm Eastern
5pm Mountain
4pm Pacific

and as always...loads of Besitos and

p.s.Update on Aries...he is inside, using the litter box and eating like a horse. He is sleeping alot, I think he is catching up. I think he is Im still trying to adjust and putting blankets over everything he MIGHT EVEN think of jumping on! so far so good. I 'll show you guys more pics later. :)


  1. Darn!!!!! I missed you again!!! Sorry I was sleeping!!!it was Saturday am for me!!

  2. I am so going to try to be here! We have a birthday party to go to later, but I may be able to see you for a little bit! I hope it works for you! Good Luck!

  3. Hi, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments. Your creations are great, love your tutorials.

  4. Hi
    Kathy From Midwest city .I just love hoe you teach , and all you do. I missed Saturday Rats! can't wait to see.Kathy


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