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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Operation STC

LOL Ok, here's the thing. Back in 2000, Kat used to collect kittens as a "hobby"! Everytime I turned around she had a kitten she had "Rescued" from some place or another. I come home one day to find her hanging off the side of a 10 foot latter, wayyy at the top, let me repeat baby, my 13 year old Krystal was handing over the side of a 10 foot latter! and what was she doing you might be wondering??? Well, she was "rescuing" a kitten from its nest, (which I presume the mama cat thoght a roof top would have been the safest place to have her litter!) But nope, Wrong, with the help of my best soup laddle, kat was scooping the 4 or 5 day old kitten to safety! If you ask me, that is NOT rescuing kittens that plain out CatNapping them! lol So anyway, this was back in New Mexico were we lived for about 3 years, before returning to FL.  We did rescure this one beautiful kitten though, which we still have. He made the long 17 hour trip like a champ! But why we kept him out of all the others only Heaven knows. He was the "Marley" of cats. Completely shredded my curtains, - he would climb them, then slowly slide down using only his claws, then from a stand still, standing about 2 inches from the fridge, he would jump striaght up into the air and land on top of the refridgerator knocking over everything!! What a mess that made, not to mention he shed like no cat I have EVER been around. You can watch the hair flying around him when he walks, no joke.
     Well as he grew older, I of course de-clawed him! those baby's had to go! no questions asked...he still hunts mind  I have no idea but he does, he leaves me nice little "gifts" by my front door!! Not cute!  He also stopped jumping on the fridge, that one I'm sooooooooooooooo grafeful about! But he developed another hatefuly habit.  "Dashing" yeap, you open the door and he would Dash out  before you could stop him! Almost chopped his head off once trying to shut the door before he went out!!! Not fun.  Well all it took was him -dashing out- one freezing morning while I was seeing Brandi onto the school bus. I had to chase him, barefooted in the cold to bring him back inside...Wait I thought, the cats wants out? COOL! no more litter box, not more 3x vacuum sessions a day... I threw his lil but outside! That was many years ago. He has been happy outside too...hunting, playing with my dogs and managing not to get run over! A miracle on its own...well NOW that he is old and decrepit, he wants back in. So I have been fighting with him about this, becaue now he DASHES IN!!!! NOPE... not coming in!!! Damn cat! lol But as I took a closer  look at him today, I felt sad for him. He is almost 12 years old and has mellowed out alot, and to add pain to injury I noticd he has a limp, or maybe he saw the weakness in my eyes and decided to add a lil pitty twist into the mix to help his cause!  So OPERATION SAVE THE CAT (STC) has begun. I went and bought EVERYTHING needed with expection of a litter box, Kat is letting me use hers, since she owns the RollS Royce of kitty litter boxes. I'm getting him some flea treatments, giving him a bath and "Aries"  --- thats his name by the way, is coming inside tomorrow. Lets see how long that lasts.  Did I mentoin he is part Siamese??? Oh yesssss, and he talks and talks and talks until you just about go crazy!  One good thing is that Thank God Dougie (thats what I call my better half)  loves the cat, so I wont get any problems out of him...I know know ...BAD ME for leaving him outside so long! But listen...the cat DID WANT OUT!!! lol and NOW he wants in so HE is coming in...he looks pittiful  today are some pics of him ... ( now we have let him in occasionally dont get me wrong we havent abused him or anything, he is part of our family! lol  So please no hate mail ok? lol)

 Meet Aries...
 He will fall alseep with you holding him.
 Brandi tell him to STOP TALKING! lol
 He is thinner than I want him to be, so I'll update you on
STC later, see how fat he gets being back inisde!
 If he sees you he IS GOING to talk to you!!! and talk and talk and talk...

Ok just thought I would share! love you all....
and as always...


  1. That is too funny. I personally am a (little) dog person, no cats for me, no sir. My dog doesn't talk but answers back when we yell at her.

  2. Good looking cat! I love cats but my hubby does not :0( He looks very lovable! Hugs ~Schell

  3. Oh my gosh.. He's a BEAUTIFUL cat! Let him in, for Pete's sake!! LOL! It's funny too, as I was reading this, MY cat sheds the same way, and he is definitely the biggest talker I've ever seen of a cat! When he was a kitten, he would howl at my bedroom door, because that's the one room I won't let him in. And I told my daughter, it sounds like he's crying "Mama".. She looked at me wierd, and thought "yeah, right".. And then she HEARD him saying it!!! SO FUNNY!! I mean it wasn't so articulate that he was ready for Leno or Letterman, but it threw Dear Daughter for a loop, hearing how close it sounded! I'll never forget it!.. Anyways, hope your kitty's limp gets better soon! ~tina

  4. He is just too cute, and yes, you are just too cute to. It sounds like a love/hate relationship to me! If he wants in, let him in and I wish you all the best in your new living arrangement! Sounds like a lot of fun to me. A couple of years ago we had a cat like that and he lived to the ripe old age of 17! Elsa, I miss you! Hope to be able to watch you this weekend.
    Thank you for the wonderful story and smile this afternoon!

  5. That is toooo funny! I am very VERY allergic to cats, so I don't deal with them at all. But, this is a beautiful cat, I wish you lots of luck!

  6. oh my gosh what a beautiful cat. I am a cat person! I just love them. my kids joke that when I am old and alone that I will have the house full of cats. He may be the type of cat that wants to go in and out. Good luck with him!
    I do know that Siamese can be very tempermental. My cat Beamer, is an indoor cat and it is unbelievable the hair that comes off of him during his weekly brushing!! but the rewards are when they curl up to you at night while you are sleeping.
    good luck to you and hope he gets better soon.

  7. He is gorgeous Elsa! Good luck on letting Aries back in the house. I miss you girlie!!


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