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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wall hanging...

Good morning, its  a beautiful Cloudy, thundery, rainy day here in Pensacola! Loving it!!! I hope it rains all day long, we have needed it so badly. I wanted to share this project I showed in my last UStream class.  I will post it on the Kits for Sale page later today, with a small video.  I'm still not sure if there will be a UStream class for this project. I think what will happen is you will get a recorded tutorial, it will be like working one on one. Still not positive though, just a thought.  Im working on recording it and seeing how good the quality of the CD would be. This is the plan for now. I have been so busy I can't find time to schedule the class.  What do you guys think?
The Kit for the Mini album I shared during the Ustream class will also go up for sale this weekend. Krystal called that mini "BB" cause it has a bird and a butterfly on the cover. Im awful at naming my books! lol  I have sold several of those kits already, thanks ladies!!!!  Im working on getting everything together for that kit to show you guys in a video. Ok well here are some images of the wall hanging, if your interested please go to the Kits page.  If you buy both kits, this one and the Mini the shipping will be combined since I can put them both in the Priority Package, so kinda-of-a 2 for 1 deal going on there. ((smile))  Out of the USA please contact me for shipping fees, thanks!
Ok now remember, a photographer I'm not! lol

You will be getting everything you see in the picture  to complete your project. All you will need is a hot glue gun or glue of your choice! I will be teaching you how to make the 2 lacey flowers and the rosettes inisde!  You will get enough lacey product to make 3 flowers but you will only need 2 for this project. I included a couple extra flowers from IamRoses that are not shown in the picutres, I added them afterwards, but it makes it makes it look prettier, I think...
Well once again...thanks and as always...Besitos and


  1. Oh that is so pretty ,you do great work.
    Kathy From MWC Okla

  2. Elsa, I am so looking forward to doing both projects! Love them and love you my dear friend!

  3. Very beautiful work, love the colors

  4. Wow, this is so cool! I love it! You always do such wonderful stuff!

  5. I ordered! I think if you leave the pictures up on the website everyone can see how it goes together. As for the mini album, I can't even remember what it looked like, but I know I liked it when you showed it and I trust you to do a great job! You always do my dear friend! So, I ordered both. Maybe if you take pictures of the mini, we can do it from there, with a few sizes??? . . .love you!

  6. Just got off your Ustream tutorial for this...Can't wait to get my kit. Thank you again for the great time, your Krystal is beautiful just like you!

  7. This is gorgeous, Elsa! I'm sorry I missed the class for it. I had an anniversary party to go to last night and missed it.


  8. Elsa, Received my kit in the mail a couple of days ago!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Can't wait to finish it.
    Ü Cynthia


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