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Monday, March 28, 2011

Quicky post and free cup svg. file

Hello, I have been so busy cleaning my room...what a disaster it can get to be! I came to check my mail though, you know , can't stay way from pc for toooo long or I start getting cold sweats and foaming at the mouth! lol and I found this cute cup svg file. For those of you that have SureCuts a Lot or Making the Cut software you can use this file on your cricut machines.
   (Ions ago when Krystal was a baby, I used to have a hamster  I name "Sirbite Alot" lol that sucker bite me every change it could!!! Every time I see SureCuts aLot I think of him..aawwww lol anywayyyy...)

Click on the words "Grow Cup" and it will take you to my favorite site for free svg files...if you haven't worked with svg files you should give them a chance. They might save you some money on cricut cartdriges. Plus I will be using some svg files for my next project so get to practicing! lol  Ok well hope your enjoying whats left of your Monday. xoxoxo Besitos

and as always

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fun fun!

Hi all...Once again we had a great time at my Ustream class. Kat even brought a mini (she made me for my birthday) for show and tell. I really think she needs to do a class on how to make the pages! I'd like to learn myself. lol  The Mini tag album was fun and easy  huh?  We had a lil bit of a problem getting started, I think Ustream was not playing nice, but all in all I had fun. I really enjoy all the ladies that attend my classes, you make it so much fun for me!!!! I love it!!!
Also I wanna thanks Kathy for the lovely and thoughtful gift she sent me!!! THANKS!! you know me, I love getting gifts!! lol Appreciate you thinking of me.
Anyway...I have 3 projects in the making and I'm really excited!!!! But before I show them off, I need to convert my drawings to .svg files so I can get some help from Cricut cutting them. It would take me a day and 3 moons to cut what I have in mind by hand if I put out a kit. I haven't even completed them for me yet, but ohhh in my head they look awesome!!! lol  Watch it all turn into a scrapmare! no no...positive thinking!
Ok well ladies, thanks so much for watching and reading  and for all your support! LOVE YA ALL!!!
and as always....

Friday, March 25, 2011

FOUND IT!!! UStream class this Sat!!

HI all, thanks so much to all that tried to help me with the blasting mystery alarm!!! I finally found it, the next day!! I had to just go to bed that night, it was impossible to find then, I think I was just to tired, sleepy and frustrated to find it.  Wanna know what it was??? The dishwasher!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some how the door was ajar and it was not able to start at the scheduled time!!! sooo it beebed until I found it!! ack! sooo needless to say NO MORE SCHEDULES! lol  Speaking of schedules, lol... I have a UStream class this Saturday.  The ever so requested TAG MINI album...I ended up calling it the Never Ending book! All the kits went out and I sure hope you like the color combinations I chose.

Here is what you will need....
  • 10 sheets of paper...yeap...3 for the book it self and the rest to cut all the tags and matts needed to complete the design.
  • glue
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • flowers, or what ever embellishments you will need to decorate the cover.
Thats it...the class is this Saturday at 6pm Central time....that is
7 pm Eastern Time
5 pm Mountain Time
4 pm Pacific Time
Hope to see you guys there....
                        Besitos  and

Thursday, March 24, 2011

an Alarm!

Ok so it's after 7am and I yet to go to bed. There is an alarm going off in my house every 3 minutes and I have no idea where it's coming from. We've all heard it, you know the type of alarm that goes off when your phone needs charging, a double...deee dee dee deee sound! (No, I have not lost it!! lol but if I can't find this dang alarm you all might have to come visit me at the Chattahoochee Florida's State Mental Hospital!!!  I swear I've looked everywhere!!! ack! lol But anyways... all  but 2 of the kits ordered are in the mail...the last 2 will go out today.  I pray they will ALL arrive by Sat.  I am going to try really hard to get ahead of schedule!!  I honestly need to post this kits at least 3 weeks before the classes! (sigh)
Ok so now that you'all think I'm a lil' batty, Im gonna try to get some sleep. 
Hope to see ya ALL OF yeap all 295 of you at my upcoming UStream class! lol
Besitos to all...and

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mini Tag album on its way!

HI all! Hope everyone is enjoying the new week! This past Saturday's Ustream class was a blast. I had both my girls working along, I just loved it! The mini is coming along quit nicely too, as soon as I complete it I will post it. The next class is my NEVER ENDING mini!!! Loads and loads of requests for that one- also kit requests are coming in now...sooooo if you want a kit please email me at Or got to the kits sectioin I will have a paypal button for you to use.
 I havn't had a chance to post a video of the kit, but It will include EVERYTHING you see in the completed mini below...all the tags, front embelishments, ribbon and the 3 sheets needed to complete your own mini album.  I will use the same paper you see I used for my mini first then if I run out of that paper you will be getting K&Co paper and everything will coordinate lovely I promise!  (let me know if you prefer K&C) I want to have kits shipped by no later than Wed since the class is this Sat. I KNOW!! Im running behind! What's new???? I just can't get ahead of the ballgame! Anyway, if you live outside the USA, and you want a kit just please note you might not get it in time for the class! (sorry about that) ok here is the video...

love you all!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Class tonight at 6pm

HI all like always Im running around trying to get everything ready.
Ustream Class for the mini paper bag album is tonight at 6pm Central Standard time.

Mountain = 5pm
Pacific =4pm
Eastern = 7pm

You will need
  • Chipboard for cover
  • Stack of your favorite papers
  • Decorational punches optional /die paper punch
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cutting board  - Bone folder - ruler
  • Crop-a-dile or hole punch of your choice
  • flowers, embellishment, ribbon (to bind book with)
  • Inks if you wish to distress or highlight your edges
That's about it... Hope to see there!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

HI!!! I'm Back time for show and tell....

Hi my friends! I missed you all. We had so much fun! OMG...we didn't win any money :( But Krystal did win something!! She was soooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so was was the video you'll see what I mean.  I got in on the fun, I was nervous as all get out, but in the end I wanted to keep doing it. The convention had an Open Bar! mmm my new drink...RumPunch with a cherry on top. yummy. Had a few of them THEN we danced and danced and gambled and ate and danced some more.   I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I am back to normal now and looking foward to the class this coming Saturday.   I hope everyone that ordered a kit has recieved it. 

Here is the video...enjoy...don't laugh at me too much! lol Love ya' all...
and as always

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm running late!

Hi all! well coas in the house of Elsa! lol  Krystal and I leave tomorrow morning and there is loads of stuff to do before then. So ladies I will be gone for a few days. Probably Tuesday before I post again...
Tina, one of my followers and new buddy asked if she could use ABBIE in another project besides the challange I had hosted...and the answer is YES. Please use her on your projects but if you don't mind please give me credit. I'm trying really hard to get my work out there and that would be such an incredible way of doing so!!!  The last 2 kits ordered will be shipped tomorrow morning on my way out...sorry ladies I tried to make it today but no time to run to the post office.  I didnt have time to post my flower sprig either so, Kathy if your reading this, I have you BLUE ROSE sprig!!! Just havent listed it, but if you would please email me at I will shipp it to you when I return. Margie...your winning prize will also be shipped on friday and THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for the stamps you sent me!! I will have to share this stamps with all you ladies when I get back.  She sent me some border stamps and some butterfly wing stamps LOVELY!   Ok well...I better get going. We are gonna take our camera so maybe we can have some video when we return...wish us luck!!! 
ok then....Biloxi Mississippi here we come!!! lol
AND as always...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Margie Won!

Hi all...well for those of you who attended my UStream and are now Great Card Makers, you all know who won, but for those who couldnt make it, I wanted to annouce my challange winner...ready? Margie from won!!! she took my Abbie to a whole new place, by adding wings and a fence and detailed lace around her little gown. tooo cute! I also wanted to add that everyone that participated did an extraordianry job!! I was blown away! wow...and THANKS soooooooooooooo much for playing along!
You can see her design here  ABBIE TAG
Once again thanks!!!!!
love ya' all!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


HI ALL...well I guess I need to apology. Let me "esplain"...Krystal and I go to a convention EVERY year. The past 2 years its been in New Orleans and this year its going to be in Biloxi Mississippi! At the Grand Casino!!! (we may need to borrow some money when we get back!) We have been terribly excited since its out lil vacation!! As you can see, we have known about this for a while now...I can even add that KRYSTAL!! had to ask her hubby to take the ummm...11th AND the 12th off from work, BECAUSE we would be gone...see the dilema there???  THE 12TH!!! like as in Sat the 12th?? the same 12th I had scheduled a certain  mini paper bag album class????  but see I'm blamming this whole mess on Krystal cause you all know I don't have a brain...I made it public on my FIRST Ustream class!!! lol anyway...LADIES... I had to reschedule my previously REscheduled class. I will not be here, I will be 2 states down. Gambling!!!lol
Please don't hate me!!!
Love ya all...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Drum roll please!!! Challange winner is....

HI!!! I hope very one is enjoying their day.  I am...and I am also sooooooo very glad that I wasn't the one having to pick a winner for my Abbie Challange!!! Everyone the participated did such an awesome job. Thanks ladies for supporting me!!  There was a debate going for a while as to who would win...I tell you, it's hard to pick just one. But the decision was finally made and Krystal will announce it Saturday during our UStream class!!! Winner does not have to be present to win, but sure would be nice if YOU were there!! lol
Once again thanks ladies...All of you are such a huge part of my life now. Love ya all. xoxoxoxxo

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

USTREAM...SHORT notice I KNOW! lol

Hi...well since I had to reschedule the mini book class - how about this weekend we do an Easel Card together?? I had some request on how I finished the St. Patricks card, so I'm scheduling it at the usual time this Sat...  (If you've never made an Easel card and your not a card maker like..ummm. me! you will love it cause its easy and quick...and if you ARE a card maker, this will just be time well spent with friends!! lol Come anyway.

UStream..  Sat March 5th at 6pm Central
7pm Eastern
5pm Mountain
4pm Pacific

You will need...

  • 2 or 3 sheets of coordinating paper ( or more depending how many colors you wanna use, bring the stack!)
  • The card will measure approx 5x5
  • Bone folder
  • GLUE
  •, brads, stamps
  • Inks to distress
  • paper punches if you have them
  • some good jokes
  • a coffee or somekind of hyper inducing drink! lol (none for Krystal!) lol
I'm going to be working on a Pink card and will use flowers and some kind of cutsie bear or something of the sort...maybe.

COME join me if you have the chance.  Love meeting with you all.
kisses... and as always