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Monday, February 6, 2012

Free Valentines card svg files...

Hi! The Pride decided it would take too long to email the svg files to everyone individually! soooo I've decided to make them public to all who wish to download them!! Just follow
this link  and download your free files! Enjoy!!!
(wow 91 downloads to date...)
Here is an image of what you will be getting.... 4 files -- the "BE MINE" word is not included... you can use your MTC or your SureCutsalot to cut these files.  They can be sized and used anywhere you chose. Let me know if you have any problems using this files! thanks and Enjoy!
Leave me a comment and show me your project if yo use my files...thanks!

This is what I made with my files the rest of the pride has also posted their Card! 
thanks for stopping by and as always...

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  1. Golly Elsa! I hope I didn't miss out. When I go to the download link, the screen says these files are private. Aghhhh! I saw this on my laptop last week, but can't download there, so today is my first chance on my crafting computer. Can you help?


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