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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Pride is Celebrating Valentines Day 1

Hello ladies, welcome back to my den. The Pride has been busy shredding paper, playing with glitter and hearts to get projects ready for our February Valentine mini hop.  And also today, Feb 1st marks the beginning of my Birthday Month!! yay!!  To start off the lionesses are ready to share with you our first assigned project. We did a Color Project, so they will each have some pink/red and flowers!  Here is mine...
I chose to make some Valentine gift card holders One for each of my girls. I will have a tutorial on these soon (my webcam died :( so it might be a few days...a moment of silence please....  ..... ..... .... ok enuff lol )  I used my hand made flowers and loads of stickles and Bazzil papers. If your a newbie, and haven't used stickles you must!! It makes everything looks soo pretty and shiny!!

We will be posting in 2 day intervals, with our Scavenger Hunt starting on the 5th.  The Pride wants as many of you to hunt with us! We will show you what to hunt for - hope you will join us in our little game.
This Pride has been so great in following me and my madness! lol I want to thank them all...we have 5 projects to show you in the days to come, so come back and check in on us there might be some candy along the way sooo leave comments never know when one of the lionesses will pounce on your name!

Here is a list of my gals...
next on the prowl is Krystal over at KrystalsNight
Kimi does her hunting in Australia and has awesome projects to show you
Suzie my US lioness has cleaned up her den to welcome you and 
from Beautiful Hawaii where I bet you thought there were no lions is Linda!
and as always...


  1. Oooh mama! Love these gift card holders! Can't wait to see the tutorial! Thanks again for having me Elsa! The Pride has really helped me to start crafting again and using the supplies I already have! xoxo!

  2. Oh my Sissy I love your flowers.....they are sooo divine. Love your beautiful!

  3. Very Very Cute.... Happy Birthday Month !!!!... which die do you use for the Flourish... I just adore it !!

  4. Beautiful flowers and wonderful use of color. Following along with this one!


  5. These are gorgeous Elsa! Love all the flowers and the stickles! I am mourning the loss of your camcorder - love your videos you know :) Thanks for sharing these with us!

  6. Oh WOW! I would just love to make those, you come up with the coolest ideas!! I am waiting on this tutorial!!!! -Sandy-

  7. So, so beautiful! As all the things you do!:)

  8. Hola Amiga love your new masterpiece its my amiga always giving her 100 0/0 love you stay well and I shall continew to check in.

  9. As always these are wonderful! Can't wait till you start selling those beautiful flowers again! FEBRUARY BABIES ROCK!

  10. Beautiful gift card holders...lucky ladies! I've also been using stickles a lot lately! Just Luv that sparkle to give Ur projects alittle something special..hehe!

  11. Beautiful work, Elsa!! I know, I have to get working on a Valentines Day card for my sister who lives too far away for me to see her. I don't know WHEN, but I'm gonna fit that in SOMETIME here!.. Have a great day! ((hugs)) ~tina


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